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TerDawn DeBoe

Business Growth Strategist,

Creative Director &

Digital Marketer

When I was homeless and saw all of my belongings tossed on the curB, I made a vow to my three children that we'd never experience that again and I've kept that promise. 


When I created financial freedom for myself, I promised myself that I would help Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Service-based Entrepreneurs do the same and I've kept that promise and have helped thousands of businesses in the process.


Because of that promise, I help Business Owners attract, nurture, and convert leads while building systems and processes that allow them to grow and scale their businesses. 


I help uncover a company's Creative Genius Factor so they can focus on standing out and becoming profitable through  Branding, Funnel Development, and Traffic Generation using my unique P.R.O.F.I.T. system. 


I went from a Solopreneur to owning an Agency of 10 people.  I am also the first black woman to start a certified organic line of supplements specifically for Entrepreneurs called Wholepreneur Lifestyle focusing on the total well being of Entrepreneurs.